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NEW Global Management Academy



The Global Management Academy (GMA), a year-round training program for managers and executives, is now accepting applications for the 2024 academic year. It is designed to develop global leaders by covering the essential elements of long-term leadership and ensuring tangible results.


Since GMA it has been wonderful to see my team members blossom as they speak more confidently and proactively take on more projects which they have started to manage on their own.

Manager, Eli Lilly Japan K.K.
GMA Graduate


New Format, New Contents, New Flexibility!!!

NEW Global Management Academy


Apply By : 20 November, 2023

Start Date: 11 December 2023 (Master Class 1 Online Study starts – 20 November 2023)


The 2024 Global Management Academy brings you a simpler format and new content. 2-day Masterclasses – easier to combine with your company workload. Shorter modules – simpler to learn and apply. Our fully hybrid classroom design gives you total flexibility throughout the entire course – attend in person, virtually, or a combination of both –join the programme wherever you are and whatever your schedule!


The Global Management Academy at the awards ceremony. Elizabeth Handover, President of Lumina Learning Japan, and Stewart Desson, President of Lumina Learning.

Award Winning Programme!


Annual schedule of leadership training Global Management Academy


11 December, 2023 – 27 September, 2024

・ Orientation
・ 7 x 2-day Master Classes
・ Graduation Ceremony(and rehearsals)
・Individual executive coaching sessions, 

English(Bilingual materials and workbooks)

Hybrid(Both in person @ Lumina Learning Japan Tokyo Office and Zoom)

For inquiries about the program’s fee, please contact this email:  tokyo@luminalearning.com

Elizabeth Handover & Pamela Noda

The picture of the facilitators, Elizabeth Handover and Pam Noda


What’s New?

  • Fully hybrid format – attend in-person, virtually or a flexible combination
  • 7 x 2-day Master Classes scheduled over 9 months
  • Interactive online learning modules
  • 6 individual executive coaching sessions
  • 4 Lumina Learning resource tools
  • Practical application of learning in the workplace
  • In-person Graduation Ceremony and celebration dinner


Manager training, Global Management Academy is also highly effective in improving diversity & inclusion


Development Needs for Global Managers In Japan

There is an ever more urgent need for Japanese managers to operate effectively and confidently in an increasingly global business environment. Yet, many managers are held back by English-speaking fears around making mistakes, being judged, not being able to follow conversations or speak up to make even a simple comment. These continue to be surprisingly resistant barriers to global leadership success.


Key hindrances:

  1. Lack of awareness to manage diversity
  2. Poor relationships leading to lower motivation
  3. Ineffective communication with face-to-face/remote teams
  4. Lack of trust hinders delegation
  5. Reluctance to offer timely feedback
  6. Fear of speaking up in meetings/conference calls


By becoming the kind of leader that I can now so clearly envision, my team members will grow and develop, maintain motivation and fulfill their potential.

Partner, KPMG FAS Co., Ltd.

GMA Graduate


Global Management Academy Graduation in 2023

The graduation ceremony of the Global Management Academy 2023


By the end of this programme, you will…

  • Fully applied individual leadership strengths to all areas of work
  • Be a more rounded, agile Leader with deepened self-awareness and ability to manage your being and doing effectively
  • Understand how to leverage diverse strengths and ideas from within the team and organisation
  • Be able to create trust for high performance, engagement, and job satisfaction
  • Know how to create team cultures which are resilient, healthy, innovative, inclusive, and motivational
  • Be equipped to lead through complexity, uncertainty and change
  • Speak and present in English confidently and professionally


Tools and products used by Lumina Learning for manager training and the Global Management Academy.


For more information, please contact: tokyo@luminalearning.com !!





\Interviews with Global Management Academy graduates! (Japanese)/



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自分自身の言動でどのようにチームや周りの人に影響を与えることができるか、上手く周りを先導できるかをGMAで学んだ手法や考え方のフレームでとらえるようになった。 チームリーダーとして、チームやメンバーの成果のビジビリティを上げることが大事だと気づきました。」


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